Departments / Units

pic-falmouth-police-patrol-unit1The Patrol Division is the most visible and most essential component of the Police Department. The primary duties of the Patrol Division are the preservation of the rights of citizens, the reduction of crime within the community, the maintenance of public order, and the protection of persons and property. Patrol officers respond to all calls for police service, conduct thorough preliminary investigations of all offenses, assist with follow-up investigations, apprehend offenders, recover stolen property, enforce laws and ordinances, conduct crime prevention and suppression activities, maintain close liaisons with the community and foster positive police-community relations.

The Falmouth Police Department’s Special Services Division is responsible for all of the major crime follow-up investigations within the department. The division works closely with a variety of agencies to investigate their cases and to network information such as the Massachusetts State Police, surrounding local agencies, our federal partners, and the Barnstable County Sheriff’s office. In addition to follow-up investigations, the division also handles juvenile-related investigations and interactions, court prosecution, school liaison services, and domestic violence services.

pic-falmouth-police-atvunitThe Falmouth Police Department utilizes ATV’s to assist the department in combating the illegal operation of dirt bikes and ATV’s within our town. Other uses for the ATV’s include crowd control, locating lost children or an elderly person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, patrolling beaches or wooded areas where a patrol cruiser could not gain access.

To learn more about the safe and legal operation of ATVs and other recreational vehicles click here to download appropriate sections of MGL Chap. 90B. This is not a complete list of laws/regulations that pertain to ATVs and recreational vehicles. You should request complete information from the MA Department of Wildlife and Environmental Law Enforcement.

The Falmouth Police Department Bicycle Patrol Unit is a community policing initiative designed to create and foster healthy relationships with the community, as well to enhance law enforcement and public safety operations.

pic-falmouth-police-honorguard1The Honor Guard was formed for the purpose of representing the police department in public ceremonies such as the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce Holiday parade, the annual Town Memorial Day events, public safety funerals, and other community related events.

The Cape Cod Regional Law Enforcement Council Special Weapons and Tactical (CCRLEC SWAT) Team consists of a group of specially selected officers from various agencies, including the Falmouth Police Department.

The team’s specially trained personnel provide tactical response to special threats, such as hostage situations, barricaded persons, sniper and terrorism incidents, major disturbances or riots, and work/school place violence. The SWAT Team will also be activated when a significant potential for harm exists, such as executing high-risk search and/or arrest warrants, armed robbery stakeouts, dignitary protection and also for search and rescue missions.

The Cape Cod Regional Law Enforcement Council Crash Reconstruction Team consists of a group of specially selected officers from various agencies, including the Falmouth Police Department.

The Reconstruction Team can break down every aspect of a crash into individual elements that form a piece of a puzzle. When the process is completed, all these pieces are put into place so that we have a very detailed picture of exactly what was occurring during a specific time and place throughout the progression of a crash, in increments as small as 1/10th of a second at a time. We now have the capability of determining fault in situations where it was previously impossible. We no longer must rely solely on witness and driver statements to determine what happened prior to, during, and after a crash.

Traffic crash reconstruction is a very demanding and time-consuming field. The training, which is not as readily available as other specialty areas, is both expensive and mentally challenging.

These officers, from the various Cape police agencies regularly work cooperatively to assist each other in the investigation of traffic crashes within their jurisdictions and across Cape Cod.

The Falmouth Police Department’s Community Engagement Unit was developed to foster positive relations within our community. The Falmouth Police believe that our commitment and dedication to building partnerships and relationships with the residential and business communities will only enhance our ability to be a highly effective law enforcement agency.