Requesting a Report (or Record)

Motor Vehicle Crash reports, Incident Reports, Arrest Reports, etc.

Electronic Mail (email) – Reports may be requested from Central Records by email. If the record is not available in electronic format, the requestor may need to pick-up the record in-person. (

Facsimile (Fax) – Reports may be requested from Central Records by facsimile (fax). (508-457-2566)

Online (Crash Reports Only) – We have partnered with for online motor vehicle crash report requests only. (

In-Person – You may pick-up a copy of a report during business hours at Central Records.

Mail – Reports may be requested by mail at Central Records, Falmouth Police Department, 750 Main St., Falmouth, MA 02540.

Phone – Requests may be made by telephone. Contact Central Records at 774-255-4527 (press 1).


Generally, the cost is $0.05 per copy (page), excluding an electronic response. The fee will be waived for copies totaling or less. Postage will charged if an appropriate self-addressed envelope is not provided for responses via U.S. Mail.

  • Personal Checks and Money Orders Only
  • NO Cash or Credit cards accepted

In accordance with public records law:

  • identification may be required,
  • your request may be denied,
  • certain information may be redacted (obscured or removed) from the requested report,
  • an additional cost may be incurred due to search and segregation time,
  • a good faith estimate will be provided upon request, and,
  • if payment is not received ten days after providing a good faith estimate, we will close the request without any action.

File a Motor Vehicle Crash Operator’s Report

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires any operator of a motor vehicle involved in a crash to file a Motor Vehicle Crash Operator’s Report within 5 days whenever someone is injured, killed or there is damage to vehicles or other property in excess of $1,000. This report should be made out in triplicate, with the original sent to the RMV in Boston (address is on form), one copy forwarded to the police department in the city of town where the accident occurred and the operator should keep one copy for his/her insurance company.