It is the mission of the Falmouth Police Department to safeguard the lives and property of all people within our community. Our mandate is to do so with honor and integrity, while at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards.

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9 pm…It’s time to move your valuables out of sight, lock your car, & lock your house. ... See MoreSee Less


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People should lock up everywhere and anywhere!!!! Crime isn't immune to anyone!!! Don't you people watch investigation discovery? Small towns get hit with murders and other crazy crimes all the time!!! Lol!! But seriously though.... you should always keep your family and things safe under lock and key

If it was back in the seventies and eighties we can go to bed with our doors unlocked a car is unlocked hell the window down and nobody took anything this world sucks

Times are changing. We didn’t lock our doors or cars. I don’t think we even had keys to the house, and my mother always left her keys in the ignition when it was in the driveway. We never had a problem!

Families used to watch out for their own. Sometimes neighbors too. There isn't much accountability these days. If family members start to stray it seems more and more folks just throw up their hands.

9pm is way too late to be doing this. Should be as soon as it gets dark. As for locking things....always keep them locked.

And this is what our town has become.

Also please don't violate other people!

Lock and load

no thanks i don’t live my life in fear

Napalm that whole island

Guess I need to go keys made

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Last reported theft from an “unlocked” house was on Saturday, Nov 18. Help us spread the word about the #9PMRoutine with a like or share. Tell your family, friends, & neighbors it’s time to move your valuables out of sight, lock your car, & lock your house at 9 pm. ... See MoreSee Less

Last reported theft from an “unlocked” house was on Saturday, Nov 18. Help us spread the word about the  #9PMRoutine with a like or share. Tell your family, friends, & neighbors it’s time to move your valuables out of sight, lock your car, & lock your house at 9 pm.


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Keep everything locked all the time. All you are doing is letting criminals know nothing is locked before 9pm lol.

I lock everything 24 hrs a day everyday, also with my ATD ALARM SYSTEM we have for our house and premises.

Sad that you have to remind people to have a little common sense. Thank you for watching out for us!

Or if you want to do it when it gets dark, like 3:45pm.

I've always done this! Dont want to invite trouble! Thank you!

no joke! know people this has just happened to

Lol I dont think it's a curfew!

Hell - I just wish that my car alone would just get stolen. Hate my car

Seriously? My house is locked 24/7 even while I'm home in the back yard playing with the kids!!

Hid ya kids... hide ya wife

What? We have a curfew here in Falmouth now?

I do it at 5

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17 hours ago

Falmouth Police Department

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Turkeys are all over Falmouth. Close off areas that they may have trouble getting out off. If the gate is left open on our tennis court, they go in and can't figure out how to get out.

Just in time for Thanksgiving!

They were on my roof last week!

My car is scratched on both sides by these vandals...!😎

Is that harassment of an officer?

arrest them

Not good

No comment, LOL!

Me too

Love our Falmouth Turkeys!

Ain’t no Turkeys in our Dept.

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chief-dunneWelcome to the Falmouth Police Department’s website.

As Chief of Police I am extremely proud of the men and women of the Falmouth Police Department. Currently, the department is funded for fifty-eight sworn officers, five seasonal police officers and six civilians. The Falmouth Police Department serves a residential population of over 32,000 people and in the summer over 100,000.

I have over thirty-eight years working for the Falmouth Police Department. Throughout my career I have held many positions in the Department such as Sergeant, Captain of Specialized Services, Falmouth SRT Commander, and now I’m proud to serve as your Chief of Police. I hold a master’s degree in criminal justice from Western New England College and earned my bachelor’s degree from Boston State College. I currently serve as Sergeant at Arms for the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, 2nd Vice President for the Southeastern Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association and a member of the Executive Board for the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce.  My active memberships also include the New England Association of Chiefs of Police, Cape and Islands Police Chiefs Association, and International Association of Chiefs of Police.

The Falmouth Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency committed to a high quality, efficient service working with community groups, businesses, local government, Falmouth Chamber Commerce, residents and all community stakeholders. We recognize that successful policing cannot be done without the support of the community.

As Chief of Police I promise transparency and accountability for not only myself but for our entire Department.  We strive to hold ourselves to a higher standard of conduct and to maintain the trust and confidence of our citizens and visitors.

Please take some time to explore our website and its links to learn more about us and the services we provide.

Edward A. Dunne

Chief of Police

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