Falmouth Road Race Information

This year’s Falmouth Road Race will be run on Sunday August 18, 2024 at 9:00 AM.

As in years past, traffic will be restricted from entering Woods Hole, Falmouth Heights, and the race route.  Woods Hole and roads along the race route will be opened after the last runner has passed.  Falmouth Heights will reopen after the event is completed. Please expect travel delays.

Official Falmouth Road Race Website

Woods Hole (Starting Line Area)

  • Road Closures
    • Water Street, School Street, Albatross Street, MBL Street, North Street, Millfield Street, and Quissett Avenue (between Millfield Street and Harbor Hill Road) will be closed to vehicle traffic at 5:00 am until about 10 am – no access.
    • Woods Hole Road, between Harbor Hill Road and Water Street/Crane Street, will be closed from 5 am until about 10 am. (see below for ferry terminal access)
    • Quissett Avenue, between Harbor Hill Road and Quissett Harbor Road, will have limited access from 5 am until about 10 am.
    • Please also refer to the road closure maps below.
  • Other
    • Woods Hole Ferry Terminal- Access to and from the Woods Hole Ferry Terminal will be limited until about 8 am and closed completely until about 10 am. All inbound vehicles will be stopped at Woods Hole Rd. & Harbor Hill Rd. to be screened. Vehicles without a Steamship Authority vehicle reservation will be denied access to the ferry terminal. Outbound ferry terminal traffic will be allowed until about 8 am.
    • Woods Hole Dock Access- Private and commercial boats will be restricted from accessing the Eel Pond Bridge Dock on Water Street and the Commercial Fishing Dock on Albatross Street from 5:00 am to 10:00 am.

Falmouth Heights (Finish Line Area)

  • Road Closures
    • Grand Avenue will be closed from Walden Avenue to Worcester Court at 4:00 am and reopen later in the afternoon (est. 2 pm).
    • Several streets in Falmouth Heights (see map below) will close at 5 am and stay closed long enough for runners to clear the finish line, and for crews to properly clean up the area. Limited access to Falmouth Heights residences may be granted until the race starts–proof of residency will be required.
    • Please also refer to the road closure maps below.

Falmouth (Race Route)

  • Road Closures
    • All other roads along the race route leading from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights will be closed to ALL vehicular traffic at approximately 8:15 am and reopened soon after the last runner has passed.
    • Please also refer to the road closure maps below.

Alcohol Prohibited

  • The Falmouth Road Race is a non-alcoholic event, and all laws governing the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages will be enforced.

Public Consumption of Marijuana Prohibited

  • The public consumption of marijuana is prohibited in the Town of Falmouth, including at the Falmouth Road Race. All laws governing the public consumption of marijuana will be enforced.

Subject to Search

  • As a safety precaution, personal bags and/or containers are prohibited in Woods Hole and Falmouth Heights during this event. Any such items will be subject to searches by Falmouth Road Race Personnel and/or public safety officials. Prohibited Items List


  • Motorists should make every effort to park their vehicles in proper parking areas, as illegally parked vehicles will be towed. The closest handicap parking is available at the Bristol Beach parking lot.
  • Town of Falmouth Parking information


  • The entire route of the Falmouth Road Race is a “No Drone Zone.” The public is being advised NOT to operate any type of drone (unmanned aerial vehicle), including remotely controlled model aircraft, over or near the course, or anywhere within sight of runners or spectators. FAA: “Never fly over groups of people” (14 CFR 107.39)

More Information

  • For detailed Falmouth Road Race information please contact road race personnel at 508‐540‐7000 or view their website.

Have a safe and enjoyable day at the Falmouth Road Race.


Map of “Full” Route


Map of Woods Hole


Map of Falmouth Heights